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Education Amendment Act

May 19, 2023  
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The Education Amendment Act is one of the latest updates in Alberta, Canada’s education news. The legislation, introduced in March 2021, aims to bring positive changes to the K-12 education system, such as empowering parents to choose the education mode for their children, including traditional, online, or homeschooling. The act also focuses on increasing parental involvement in decision-making and promoting transparent school funding.

Apart from this, the government has announced its commitment to investing in post-secondary education. The 2021 budget includes a $58 million increase in funding for post-secondary institutions to support student success initiatives, research and innovation programs, and increased mental health and wellness services.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has provided additional funding to support K-12 schools in adapting to remote and hybrid learning models. The government has invested in technology and online resources to facilitate learning from home.

Furthermore, the government has launched an online portal called MyPass to enable high school students and graduates to access and manage their academic records and transcripts. The portal streamlines the process of applying for scholarships and post-secondary institutions.

Overall, the Alberta government is taking significant steps to enhance the education system, including funding, legislative, and technological advancements. These initiatives aim to improve student outcomes and provide better support for learners and educators.

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