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8 Home Buying & Selling Tips for Seller in Canada, Alberta by Jerry Moras Team

Feb 28, 2024  
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Are you considering buying or selling a home in Calgary, Alberta? Whether you’re entering the housing market as a buyer or a seller, navigating the process can be overwhelming. In the ever-changing real estate market, staying informed and equipped with effective strategies is essential for making sound decisions. This guide includes:

  1. Know Your Market
  2. Set Realistic Expectations
  3. Partner with a Knowledgeable Realtor
  4. Sell First, Buy Later
  5. Budgeting for Overlapping Payments
  6. Relax and Accept Compromise
  7. Prep Your Paperwork in Advance
  8. Trust the Process and Stay Flexible

Now let’s explore these eight tips in detail that include home buying tips and home selling tips tailored specifically for the Calgary market, brought to you by the Jerry Moras Team.

Tip #1: Know Your Market  

It’s crucial for both buyers and sellers to grasp the present condition of the housing market in Calgary. Stay updated on trends in your desired neighborhoods, such as average selling prices, inventory levels, and days on market.  As a seller, consider options like a sell and lease back agreement, which allows you to stay in your home for a negotiated period after the sale, providing you with flexibility and time to find your next property. Having a thorough understanding of market dynamics enables you to make better-informed decisions when purchasing or selling a home in Calgary.

Tip #2: Set Realistic Expectations

When selling your home in Calgary, be prepared for the possibility of needing temporary housing while searching for your new abode. Explore furnished apartments, vacation rentals, or month-to-month leases to bridge the gap between homes. Embrace the opportunity to explore different neighborhoods while in temporary accommodation, aiding in making a well-informed decision for your next purchase.

Tip #3: Partner with a Knowledgeable Realtor

Seek the assistance of the Jerry Moras Team early in your home buying and selling journey. Our team of seasoned experts offers tailored guidance and support designed to meet your unique requirements in the Calgary real estate market. From preparing your home for sale to narrowing down your search criteria for a new property, we’re here to streamline the process and ensure a successful outcome.

Tip #4: Sell First, Buy Later

Consider focusing on one step at a time in your home buying and selling journey. One of the home selling tips includes selling your current home before purchasing a new one, which provides you with cash in hand from the sale, placing you in a stronger position as a buyer in the Calgary market. By prioritizing one transaction at a time, you can alleviate stress and uncertainty.

Tip #5: Budgeting for Overlapping Payments:

It’s essential to plan for potential overlapping mortgage payments when selling and buying simultaneously. Determine the maximum duration you can sustain covering two mortgage payments without experiencing financial strain. In Calgary’s dynamic real estate market, understanding your budget is crucial for a smooth transition.

Tip #6: Relax and Accept Compromise

Navigating the home buying and selling process in Calgary may require flexibility and compromise. Understand that perfection is not always attainable, and adjustments may be necessary along the way. Trust in the expertise of the Jerry Moras Team to guide you through any challenges that may arise.

Tip #7: Prep Your Paperwork in Advance

Prepare and arrange all essential paperwork concerning your Calgary residence at the beginning stages of the selling process. This encompasses warranties for appliances, permits for renovations, and records of repairs. By keeping these documents easily accessible, you facilitate a seamless transition and promptly address any queries from prospective buyers.

Tip #8: Trust the Process and Stay Flexible

Finally, remember that buying or selling a home in Calgary is a process that requires patience and flexibility. Be prepared for unexpected delays or challenges along the way, and trust your Realtor to guide you through them. With the right mindset and support, you can navigate the Calgary real estate market successfully.


In conclusion, whether you’re buying or selling a home in Calgary, these eight home selling and home buying tips will help you navigate the process with confidence. By staying informed, partnering with the right professionals, and remaining patient and flexible, you can achieve your real estate goals in Calgary. 

The Jerry Moras team is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support throughout the process. For more information on City Centre Calgary Homes for Sale and Buy & Sell Houses Calgary, contact the Jerry Moras Team today!

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