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Prepare Your Deck for BBQ Season: Get Ready for Grilling Fun!

Aug 9, 2023  
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Spring has finally arrived in a spectacular manner! The temperatures are reaching the 20s, the sun is beaming, and it’s the perfect time to prepare your patio or deck for some enjoyable moments of sun and grilling with your loved ones.
Here are some quick and easy tips for cleaning and maintaining your deck or patio:
For Wood Patios:
Clear Debris: Begin by removing any debris or leaves from your deck.
Check for Damages: Inspect the patio for loose boards, nails, or rough spots.
Repair or Replace: If you spot any damaged boards, replace them. Additionally, fix any protruding nails and smooth out rough areas. Repainting or restaining may be required in these spots.
Use Deck Cleaner: Purchase a suitable deck cleaner from hardware stores and apply it as per the instructions for your specific material. Wear protective gear when using the cleaner and hose off the patio with water after 20 minutes.
For Concrete Patios:
Weed Removal: Check for any weeds growing between the concrete cracks and remove them.
Sweeping and Cleaning: Sweep the patio with a stiff broom and then scrub the surface with soap and water.
Tackle Oil-Based Stains: Address any oil-based stains using appropriate cleaning methods.

Make the most of your patio and backyard during this spring and summer season, and enjoy delightful barbecuing with your family and friends!

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