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Get Ready for Patio Season: Tips for Building a Deck

Aug 11, 2023  
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As the season approaches, and your backyard transforms into an additional living space, many individuals will be embarking on deck building projects in the coming months. To help you choose the right materials for the job, we’ve compiled some useful tips:
Choosing the Wood:
Cedar: Resists moisture, rot, and insect infestations.
Douglas Fir: Highly robust, handles power tools well, and acts as a natural repellent against decay, mold, and insects.
Redwood: Easy to work with, naturally decay-resistant, and less prone to warping and splitting.
Exotic Wood Choices: Offer exceptional durability but tend to be more expensive. Many exotic options are also eco-friendly.
Choosing the Finish:
Clear Water Sealer: Provides transparent dampness protection for the wood without altering its natural color or grain.
Tinted Waterproofer: Offers dampness protection with the added benefit of enhancing the wood’s color. It is advisable to recoat every three years for long-term protection.
Solid Stain: Delivers a rich finish that fully covers the wood while retaining the benefits of a stain. Solid stains offer long-term protection against natural weathering.
Paint: Suitable for less expensive grades of wood, but keep in mind that paint may require touch-ups or redoing every couple of years.

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