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Embrace the Ride: Biking Tips and Safety for a Thrilling Journey

Aug 2, 2023  
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As the snow gradually melts and paths dry up, it presents the perfect opportunity to embark on a bike ride, embracing the sensation of wind in your helmet and the sheer joy of cycling. Biking to work is gaining popularity as people opt to avoid traffic while keeping themselves fit. Although it might take a little more time to reach your destination, the extra sunlight and exercise from outdoor riding will undoubtedly leave you feeling rejuvenated.
Prioritizing Safety:
While biking is enjoyable, it’s essential to remain cautious as there are certain hazards to be mindful of:
Be Vigilant of Drivers: When crossing intersections, exercise caution as motorists may not always notice cyclists. Even if you have the right of way in a designated bike lane, drivers might overlook your presence.
Watch Out for Other Riders: Some cyclists may not adhere to path rules, so stay alert to prevent collisions with fellow bikers.
To ensure safety, familiarize yourself with the City of Calgary’s cycling bylaws.
Selecting the Perfect Bike:
If you’re considering an upgrade, visit your local bike shop for expert advice. Choose a bike that aligns with your size and riding style to enhance your overall experience.
Must-Have Accessories:
Once you have your new bike, certain accessories are essential as per the city’s bylaws:
Bell: Equip your bike with a bell to enhance safety on pathways, alerting others to your presence.
Lights: Install a headlight and taillight for riding in the dark, ensuring visibility. Even during daylight, these lights aid in easy spotting.
Additional Items for a Smooth Ride:
High-Quality Lock: Invest in a sturdy lock to protect your bike when it’s unattended. Avoid opting for the cheapest options for better security.
Clip-in Pedals and Shoes: Though not mandatory, clip-in pedals and specialized shoes can improve your riding efficiency and speed. Practice unclipping before riding to avoid any mishaps.

With these tips, your biking experiences during spring, summer, and fall are bound to be even more delightful. Here’s to crossing paths on the bike trail this year! Happy cycling!

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