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13 Newest Communities In Calgary

May 26, 2023  
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Calgary Embraces 13 Fresh Communities in 2023. If you’re seeking a recently constructed residence, envisioning a contemporary master-planned community as your home, or desiring a welcoming neighborhood for your family, these new districts demand your attention.

Discover & Learn About Calgary’s 13 Newest Communities

Vermillion Hill

Introducing Vermillion Hill, topping the list of Calgary’s newest communities. While it may still appear as an expansive open space, this area is set to flourish in the hands of Qualico communities.

Envisioned as a vibrant neighborhood, Vermillion Hill offers a range of housing options, including duplexes, laned homes, and detached residences, with prices starting around $500,000 and upwards. Renowned builders such as Sterling Homes, Broadview Homes, NuVista Homes, Shane Homes, Genesis Builders, and Homes by Avi contribute their expertise to this development.

Nestled adjacent to the picturesque Fish Creek Park and neighboring the highly anticipated Alpine Park community, Vermillion Hill enjoys a prime location that promises both tranquility and the allure of new beginnings.

Alpine Park

Prepare to be captivated by the flourishing Alpine Park, an exquisite community taking shape in southwest Calgary. Dream Unlimited, the esteemed developer behind this project, brings a vision of townhomes, laned homes, and detached residences to life.

What sets Alpine Park apart is its innovative approach to detached homes, introducing two unique concepts: “courts” and “vintage.” The courts are detached homes featuring a front courtyard that faces neighboring houses, creating a charming sense of community.

Calbridge Homes, Cardel Homes, Homes by Dream, and Genesis Builders join forces as distinguished builders in Alpine Park. Together, they offer a diverse array of homes and products, with prices starting from approximately the mid $400,000 range and beyond.

Whether you’re seeking contemporary townhomes, elegant laned homes, or the allure of the distinctive court or vintage detached homes, Alpine Park promises a wealth of options to suit your preferences.


Embrace the essence of urban living within the suburban landscape as Silverton, an upcoming community scheduled to debut in 2023, redefines Calgary’s residential scene. With Cardel Homes overseeing the management of their detached and local homes, and Genesis Builders entrusted with the street townhouses, Silverton is poised to deliver an exceptional living experience.

Nestled in the coveted southwest region of Calgary, Silverton enjoys an enviable location surrounded by established neighborhoods such as Silverado and the convenience of nearby amenities like Sobeys. This prime setting ensures that residents of Silverton will have easy access to essential services and a well-established community fabric.


Experience the allure of Belvedere, a highly coveted new community that reigns supreme in Calgary’s real estate market in 2023. Situated adjacent to the bustling East Hill Shopping Centre and a mere 15 minutes away from downtown, Belvedere enjoys an enviable location on the east side of Stoney Trail, right in the heart of the city.

Tristar Communities, the esteemed developer behind this project, presents a diverse range of housing options to cater to various preferences and lifestyles. Whether you’re seeking the convenience of condos, the charm of townhouses, the versatility of duplexes, or the spaciousness of land and detached homes, Belvedere has something to offer. Prices for these homes start at $200,000 and beyond.

Envisioning a community built on quality and craftsmanship, Belvedere has enlisted the expertise of renowned builders such as DS Homes, Allison At Home, and Crystal Creek Home. Their dedication to excellence ensures that each residence within Belvedere is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Indulge in the allure of Belvedere, where convenience, urban living, and a wide array of housing options converge to create a truly sought-after community in Calgary’s center.


Discover the charm of Lewiston, a burgeoning community in north Calgary that is set to welcome 1,000 families, fostering a close-knit and inviting atmosphere. Spearheaded by Genesis Land Development, the site is meticulously planned to offer a range of housing options including condos, townhomes, and detached homes.

For those seeking a prime location in the northeast, Lewiston beckons with its abundance of desirable features. Immerse yourself in an ideal community adorned with plentiful pathways, verdant green spaces, and a naturally flowing stream corridor, creating a serene and picturesque environment.

Lewiston is poised to become a haven for families, providing a tranquil and welcoming setting amidst its natural beauty. Whether you’re drawn to the convenience and low-maintenance lifestyle of condos, the cozy charm of townhomes, or the spaciousness of detached homes, Lewiston offers a diverse range of options to suit various preferences.

Embrace the allure of Lewiston, where a serene ambiance, scenic landscapes, and a strong sense of community combine to create an idyllic living experience in north Calgary.


Discover the inviting community of Homestead, located north of Belvedere and to the east of Stoney Trail. Developed by Partners Development Group, this new residential haven offers a diverse selection of housing options, including towns, duplexes, laned homes, and detached residences. Prices for these homes range from the mid $400,000s, low $400,000s, and upwards.

In Homestead, you can expect renowned builders such as Excel Homes, Genesis Builders, Partners Development Group, and Trico Homes to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their expertise ensures that each home is crafted with quality and precision.

If you seek a home on this side of the city, both Belvedere and Homestead present excellent choices. Embrace the charm and convenience of these communities, where an array of housing styles, appealing amenities, and a well-connected location converge to create an enticing living experience in Calgary.


Experience the allure of Ambleton, a magnificent newly established community situated in northwest Calgary, just north of Stoney Trail. With Qualico leading the development, this area promises a remarkable vision for residents, including the presence of a serene and captivating pond.

Ambleton showcases an impressive lineup of esteemed builders committed to crafting exceptional homes. Sterling Homes, Shane Homes, Trico Homes, Jayman, and Broadview Homes come together to create a diverse array of housing options within the community. From stylish townhomes and laned homes to modern duplexes and detached residences, along with front garage homes, there is something to suit every preference. Prices for these homes start from the mid $300,000s and extend upwards.

Settle into a world where every detail has been carefully considered, from the seamless integration of natural surroundings to the thoughtfully designed homes. Ambleton embraces the essence of northwest Calgary, offering residents a remarkable blend of comfort, serenity, and architectural excellence.

Glacier Ridge

Discover the allure of Glacier Ridge, a captivating community nestled in the northwest region of Calgary, north of Stoney Trail. Developed by Anthem United, this exceptional site brings together renowned builders, including Cedar Glen Homes, Morrison Homes, Shane Homes, Trico Homes, and Jayman Built, to create a truly remarkable living experience.

Glacier Ridge promises an array of housing options that cater to various lifestyles. From the cozy charm of duplexes to the versatility of laned homes and the spaciousness of detached residences, residents can find their ideal home within this vibrant community. Framed by awe-inspiring views of the Rocky Mountain Foothills and enriched by the presence of natural couples that traverse its land, Glacier Ridge presents a harmonious blend of nature and contemporary living.

Embrace the serenity and scenic beauty of Glacier Ridge as you settle into a community that offers both tranquility and convenience. With its coveted location in northwest Calgary and a range of housing styles, Glacier Ridge is poised to provide an exceptional living experience for those seeking a harmonious blend of natural surroundings and modern comforts.

Seaton Ridge, Logan Landing, Nostalgia

Towards the conclusion of Glacier Ridge lies a realm of intrigue, where the future communities of Seaton Ridge, Logan Landing, and Nostalgia are poised to emerge. Although currently shrouded in the midst of ongoing excavations, these forthcoming destinations hold an air of mystery, awaiting their grand reveal.

Positioned on the southern fringe of Seton, near the river, these three communities boast an enviable location. Seton Ridge will be thoughtfully developed by Brookfield, Nostalgia will come to life under the stewardship of Jayman and Telsec, and Logan Landing will be expertly crafted by Genesis Land Development.

While the builders and price points have yet to be unveiled at this stage, anticipation lingers in the air, as the unveiling of these communities draws near. Stay tuned for further updates as the intricate details and offerings of Seaton Ridge, Logan Landing, and Nostalgia gradually unfold, promising a realm of possibilities for future residents.


Prepare to be enamored by Rangeview, a burgeoning brand-new community that is already taking shape with its collection of houses, show homes, and expansive open spaces. Nestled in the southeast part of Calgary, Rangeview enjoys close proximity to the coveted neighborhoods of Mahogany and Auburn Bay.

Section 23 Developments spearheads the development of Rangeview, infusing it with their visionary approach and commitment to quality. Within this thriving community, renowned builders such as Bay West Homes, Jayman Built, Homes by Avi, and Excel Homes contribute their expertise, crafting an array of housing options including towns, laned homes, and detached residences.

With prices starting at approximately $400,000 and beyond, Rangeview offers a range of properties to suit various budgets and preferences. Immerse yourself in the opportunity to call this community home and embrace a lifestyle characterized by quality craftsmanship, open spaces, and a sense of community.

Indulge in the allure of Rangeview, where new beginnings unfold amidst a vibrant atmosphere in the southeast of Calgary. Experience the remarkable homes, the inviting show homes, and the abundance of open spaces that define this exceptional community.

Rockland Park

Welcome to the remarkable Rockland Park, an extraordinary master- planned community that showcases scrupulous design and thoughtful civic planning. positioned in the graphic northwest part of Calgary, Rockland Park stands as a testament to the substance of switching master plan communities that have surfaced in the region over the past decade. Nestled amidst nature’s beauty, this serene enclave provides a sanctuary down from the hustle and bustle of megacity life, offering residents a tranquil retreat.

Brookfield Residential, a trusted developer renowned for their commitment to excellence, leads the development of Rockland Park. Collaborating with esteemed builders including Cedarglen Homes, Homes by Avi, Morrison Homes, and Brookfield Residential themselves, this community promises an impressive range of housing options. From stylish townhomes and duplexes to detached homes and exquisite estate residences perched on the ridge, overlooking the majestic river, Rockland Park offers a diverse selection to suit every lifestyle and preference.

Within Rockland Park, residents can explore a wide variety of products, spanning from affordable options starting at $300,000 to luxurious estates commanding prices exceeding $1,000,000. This range ensures that individuals and families alike can find their ideal home within this remarkable community.

Embrace the exceptional charm of Rockland Park, where natural beauty meets exceptional design. Experience the tranquility of this thoughtfully planned community, and indulge in the wide array of housing options that cater to diverse tastes and budgets. Discover the perfect home and embrace a lifestyle characterized by serenity, elegance, and the splendor of the surrounding landscape.

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