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5 Essential Steps Upon Arrival in Canada

Jun 22, 2023  
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Planning to immigrate to Canada? Upon your arrival, it is crucial to undertake certain tasks to ensure a smooth transition and prepare for your new life in the country. The Canadian government offers various services to assist newcomers throughout the process. Here are the top five essential things you should do when you first arrive in Canada.

Here are the top 5 Essential Steps Upon Arrival in Canada.

1.Secure Temporary Accommodation: Finding a place to live immediately upon landing in Canada is vital. To alleviate stress, consider booking temporary accommodations in advance. Options such as hotels or hostels offer short-term housing and can be easily reserved online. Once you have a better understanding of your destination, you can begin the search for more permanent housing solutions.

2.Acquire Health Insurance: Public health insurance is available for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, allowing them to apply for coverage. It’s essential to research the specific health insurance plan offered by the province or territory where you plan to settle. Keep in mind that each province or territory has its own plan, so understanding the coverage provided is crucial.
Note that some provinces may require new residents to wait for up to three months before receiving government health insurance. During this waiting period, you can purchase private insurance to cover your healthcare needs. Additionally, private insurance can be obtained for services not covered by the provincial public plan. Some Canadian employers also provide extended health insurance coverage for their employees.

3.Open a Canadian Bank Account: Opening a Canadian bank account as soon as possible is advisable. Even without a job, permanent address, funds to deposit, a good credit rating, or if you have been bankrupt, you can still open a personal bank account in Canada. Visit a bank in person and present valid personal identification to initiate the process. Bank tellers will guide you through the necessary steps, and many banks offer specialized services for newcomers to Canada.

4. Acquire a Social Insurance Number( SIN):In order to work in Canada and access government programs and benefits, it’s necessary to gain a nine- number Social Insurance Number( SIN). You can apply for a SIN by correspondence or in person at a Service Canada office. During the operation process, you’ll be needed to give an original primary document as evidence of your identity and immigration status, similar to an endless occupant card or evidence of endless hearthstone.

5. Connect with the Community: Relocating to a new place can be intimidating, particularly if you don’t know anyone in your new community. Establishing new connections will not only help you feel at home but also expand your professional network, increasing opportunities for employment in Canada. Immigrant-serving organizations facilitate connections among newcomers and with Canadians, providing valuable support. Volunteering at local community centers, schools, or charitable organizations is another way to get involved and meet individuals with similar interests.

Remember, immersing yourself in activities that align with your interests is key to building new relationships and settling into your new life in Canada.

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