It’s my pleasure to welcome Shifa Chaudhary to the Alberta Homes Team at eXp Realty. With her expertise as a Real Estate Consultant and her certification as a Certified Condominium Specialist, we believe she will make a valuable addition to our team.


Furthermore, I note that she has completed her Masters at the University of South Florida, USA, a renowned public institution. In addition to that she completed her engineering with a major in Computer Sciences.

We value the importance of education and continuous learning in our company, and we believe Shifa Chaudhary’s academic background will further enhance her ability to provide excellent service to our clients.

Once again, welcome to eXp Realty and the Alberta Homes Team, Shifa Chaudhary! We look forward to working with you and supporting your success in the real estate industry.

Having close to one year of experience in the Alberta Real Estate Market, Shifa Chaudhary brings a fresh perspective and up-to-date knowledge to the industry. We are excited to have her on board and to see the contributions she will make to the success of our team.

If you’re an immigrant and want to put your roots down with your first home, or you are planning to have your dream home in Calgary, maybe looking for an investment property in Calgary or in surrounding areas, Shifa Chaudhary will be happy to help you.

You can reach Shifa :- +1( 825) 431-3059 or Email:-

Alberta Homes Team, Exp Realty Office contact number: 403-561 3456, Email :

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